There's a deep mutual respect between Rapsody and Kendrick Lamar. The two artists have worked together and made musical magic in the past, and during her chat with People's Party with Talib Kweli, the North Carolina native shared why she connected with Kendrick on a creative level from the moment they met. 

Rapsody Kendrick Lamar
David Livingston / Stringer / Getty Images

"Anytime I need advice, I always hit him," said Rapsody. "Even though we kinda came up in the early days together, he skyrocketed. He's experienced so much that I haven't, so he's someone that I know that I can look to for advice just to kinda gauge on what I should do." The rapper said when she works on projects, K-Dot is one of the few other artists she sends music to because she trusts his musical judgment.

"I trust his ear," she added. "You hear stories of Primo and how he would play records for Dr. Dre, just to get his ear. Kendrick is in that peer group for me of my peer's ears that I trust... I have so much love and respect for him as a person." The southern rapper also gave a shout out to DaBaby, calling her fellow North Carolina native "explosive." 

"When he came out, it had the same energy as when Get Rich or Die Tryin came out," Rapsody said of the comparison to 50 Cent's classic record. "He just came in with a whole different force. It's aggressive but it's fun at the same time and funny. That's what 50 was." Check out the clip below and see what else she had to say about her chuckle-worthy moment in the office with Jay Z as he rode around on a bike "air-dunkin' on people."