The Toronto Raptors fan who made lewd comments on live tv about Ayesha Curry following the Warriors Game 2 win in Toronto has reportedly been arrested.

According to reports, 28-year old Tristan Warkentin was arrested for criminal mischief - because he knew his aggressive remarks would air on live TV. A court date has been set for July 11. 

As seen in the clip embedded below, Warkentin used his TV time to say, “I just wanted to let everyone know: Ayesha Curry, we’re going to f*ck her in the p***y." 

After the live tv segment aired, the reporter, Kelly Linehan, filed an official complaint with the Toronto police and authorities launched a criminal investigation. Tristan Warkentin later came forward. 

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Warkentin apologized for his actions and revealed that he has been receiving death threats ever since he went public. He also says he wants to reach out to the Currys to issue an apology. 

"I’m not in a position to defend myself in terms of what happened. I am sure you understand the influence of alcohol," Warkentin tells the Toronto Sun. "To be honest I don’t even remember being there but I am responsible for my own actions at the end of the day... [I] am not sitting here claiming victim."

“What I am trying to do is maybe reach out to Mr. and Mrs. Curry and that’s realistically who I feel I owe an apology to — and maybe Toronto,” he said.