Believe or not, OVO's Championship Collection is such a sought-after commodity that Torontonians have resorted to camping outside the brand's storefront in anticipation for the drop. Narcity, a lifestyle magazine in Toronto, has compiled a web of videos depicting the madness, right outside the Scotiabank Arena where the Raptors split their home games with the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.

The queue started taking shape as of Thursday morning, those in attendance, biding their time until a snazzy Raptors OVO Championship hat became available to the public in the coming hours. Scenes of basketball fans unfolding lawn chairs, eating pizza (for sustenance) and quietly going about their business on a low battery charge, have emblematic of the historically-high demand for Raptors' paraphernalia. In Toronto, Drake has given sports apparel a second life.

Like a beloved Television program resurfacing as a topic on discussion forums, Raptors are doing everything in their power to sustain the euphoria of a first NBA Championship, several years in the making. For those who've never visited "The North," as they call it - the makeshift tent city was erected on the grounds made famous by Union Square's infamous "Jurassic Park" viewing area - a convivial atmosphere up until the point the floodgates opened, and 500+ individuals tried to entertain the same narrow entrance to the Real Sports boutique, thereby abandoning the rank and file system they, the Raptors' faithful worked so hard to keep in working order.