Kawhi Leonard was the missing piece the Toronto Raptors needed in order to take home their first NBA championship. Leonard cemented himself as one of the best players in the league while on the Raptors and with the help of Danny Green, they were able to win it all. Unfortunately for Raptors fans, Leonard announced over the weekend that he would be signing with the Los Angeles Clippers, while Danny Green revealed he would become a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. This was especially heartbreaking new for Nav Bhatia, the Raptors superfan who became famous during their run through the postseason.

Bhatia took to Instagram yesterday where he thanked Leonard and Green for their service to the team.

Per @navbhatiasuperfan:

"To both of them: you will both be missed. The heart you both played with. How you both embraced this city, this country and all the fans. The highlights you gave us that will be etched forever in our memories...that game 7 shot, that steal from lowry and following dunk, the many clutch 3's, the 18 points in game 3, the comeback defence, so many memories."

While Bhatia might be sad that it's over, at least he was able to experience such an incredible championship run from his team. Very few people in Toronto seem to be mad at Kawhi's decision which just goes to show how appreciative they are of what he was able to accomplish.