People all over the world are wishing Beyonce a happy birthday. This includes former Destiny's Child member, Latavia Roberson. For the occasion, the entertainer posted what might be one of Beyonce's very first music videos. It also features Roberson as both kids perform as a duo. The throwback was shot in a mall, of course. 

Latavia expresses a lot of love for her "forever sister." She sends her birthday wishes and reveals the awe she holds for her friend. Her caption affirms their mutual love and respect.

"Happy bday to my 4ever sister Beyoncé. Starting this journey with your best friend & now watching her achieve everything she said she would accomplish is amazing! No matter what the past might’ve given us the one thing it couldn’t do was take away the love and admiration we have for each other. So celebrate LIVE-LOVE-LAUGH everyone deserves those 3 simple things 💜💜💜‼️‼️‼️" 

This video would serve as proof of Latavia's being a real day-one to any naysayers. Still, the entertainer made sure to disable the comment section on the post. Last time she posted content related to Beyonce, she received some hate. Latavia came through with a stinging comeback. She probably simply doesn't have time for the hate today. Good vibes only.