Out of nowhere, the soft-spoken Raury has released a slalom of material via his SoundClound, a number so great it might . The 22 tracks are now 'public access' as the singer has included a download option for each upload. The submissions are the result of Raury leaving Columbia Records and LVRN, and finding solace in his newfound freedom.

Raury offered these words of wisdom: "Industry play too many games gonna just wing it, follow my heart and do it my way," in summation of his giveaway, which he symbolically titled Welcome to the Woods. Raury has on more than one occasion referenced a clearing in the woods to describe this impasse in his career, or maybe its the word itself, 'career' which conjures up a revolting cycle of feelings.

His two year struggle with Columbia Records occurred during a time of transition where many of the A&Rs who place so much confidence in his artistic vision were somehow replaced by 'strangers.' Raury's #InTheWoods series was done in part to erase the enclosure which separates artist and fan. Raury longs for the intimacy and the friendly disposition of his fans. As that relationship solidified, it became unconscionable to act any other way towards them. Peep a few down below. There are an abundance on his page