One of the biggest rivalries in the AFC North is between the Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns. Over the past few years, the Ravens have completely dominated that rivalry but on Sunday, it was the Browns who came out victorious. The final score was 40-25 and it seemed as though the Browns were dominant from start to finish.

Perhaps the biggest battle in that game was between Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey. The two were intertwined all game and at one point, it seemed as though Humphrey had pinned OBJ to the ground and was choking him. The clip went viral and led to a swift apology from Humphrey.

While the two players involved seem to be over it, the Ravens are doing the most to prove Humphrey never actually put his hands around Beckham's neck. Today, they dropped some slow-motion footage of the play which gives a closer look at what happened. It's still up for debate as to where his hands were exactly but the Ravens seem convinced this proves his innocence.

Needless to say, the next time these two play each other will be quite the match. Humphrey and OBJ won't be forgetting about this anytime soon and if they keep this intensity, it will be a phenomenal game.