Post Malone isn't the only celebrity who's having plane troublesRay J and his lady Princess Love, as well as their baby, had to return to Los Angeles after departing to New York due to a cabin pressure issue that required an emergency landing to fix the situation.

In the video below you can see Ray and his family sending prayers asking for a safe trip. By the end of the video, the family looks safe and "good" and as TMZ reports, they are waiting on another plane to get them to the NY in one piece. 

Ray even posted a clip to Instagram of him getting on the plane, asking for some more prayers when it comes to being a new dad and figuring out the stroller for his baby.

"I need y’all to pray for me with this car seat / stroller all in 1. I still can’t seem to find my rhythm yet - but with hard work and great intentions I should be alright - I love all of it!!!," he captioned the video. "Wouldn’t change anything - She’s my babygirl and i love her more than life itself! But umm If any parents got any tips hook a brotha up lol!!! Every time I drop a burp cloth or toy on the ground I throw it away bc it’s dirty after that... man I threw away 25 toys and towels already!!! Smh."