Apparently Ray J is none too happy about Kanye West's VMAs speech. The former Kim Kardashian sex partner hasn't spoken outright about Kanye's speech, but he's reportedly been gossiping within his crew of friends, according to TMZ.

If you are somehow unaware (which seems improbably if you're on this site), Kanye West took his stage time at the VMAs to debut the almost-internet-breaking music video for "Fade" starring Teyana Taylor, but before he did that, he shared a few words about another controversial video he released, "Famous." "I put Ray J in it, bro," Ye said on the VMAs stage. To be fair though, he also gave his own ex, Amber Rose, a shout out too.

Nonetheless, Ray J is reportedly upset that Kanye said his name on the VMAs stage, and thinks that Mr. West is being a hypocrite about Kim Kardashian's sex tape in the first place-- since he is now using to his advantage. The two sparred lightly over Ray J's song "I Hit It First" a couple years back, with Kanye referring to Ray J as "Brandy's little sister" at the time. It seems Ray J is also upset over the fact that Kim Kardashian had a huge grin on her face when Kanye mentioned him, but when he dropped the "I Hit It First" video, she wasn't as pleased.

As we reported on earlier this summer, Ray J was trying to sue over his appearance in the "Famous" video too, but it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. We'll keep you posted if this develops any further, you can catch Kanye's speech below if you missed it.