Celebrity Big Brother UK is a true phenomenon on the other side of the pond. With names like Aubrey O'Day, Tila Tequila, Perez Hilton and Evander Holyfield rounding out the cast in recent years, its notoriety has crossed over into the American zeitgeist. And they may have scored their biggest U.S. name yet. 

TMZ reports that Ray J will earn a cool million to be locked up with a bunch of other C-listers and potentially bicker for the entertainment of British households this year.

Apparently, the "I Hit It First" singer is such a draw that Celebrity Big Brother UK is willing to pay $30,000 for his round flight and hotel.

Ray's manager, David Weintraub, wouldn't comment on the deal, but said his client is shopping a flat in the upscale Mayfair district in London.