The former officer that was charged with assault in Rayshard Brooks' death spoke to MSNBC after turning himself into authorities. Devin Brosnan, the ex-police officer that was charged with aggravated assault in Brooks' case, sat down alongside his lawyer, Don Samuel after turning himself in and being released from jail. "I have full faith in the criminal justice system," Brosnan said. “I’m looking forward to cooperating with any investigators who are interested in having a conversation about what happened that night.”

The D.A. Paul Howard said that Brosnan would be testifying against Garrett Rolfe, the officer who shot Brooks, as the "state's witness." However, Brosnan's attorney Don Samuel, said that his client is just a witness who's cooperating with the GBI and any other law enforcement agencies involved in the case."He’s not a ‘state’s witness,’ he’s not a defense witness. He’s a witness. He’s not cooperating against anybody. He’s going to provide accurate information about what happened,” Samuel said. 

Along with the assault change, Brosnan was hit with three counts of violation of oath in Brooks' death, which he describes as a "total tragedy." When asked about his initial thoughts on Brooks' prior to the incident, Brosnan described him as "friendly" and that he was simply trying to get him some help.

"For my initial encounter with him, I felt he was friendly. He was respectful. I was respectful to him and I felt that this seemed like someone who potentially needed my help. I was really just there to see what I could do for him and make sure he was safe," he added.

Samuel also said that the D.A's allegations that Brosnan stood on Brooks' shoulder for two minutes are completely false. He added that Brosnan was trying to get help, even though he allegedly suffered a concussion from falling on the ground.

Watch the clip below.