Travis Scott's "Birds In The Trap Sign McKnight" quietly got a physical release on Friday, so quietly, in fact, that Travis had no idea until he came across an empty rack in a store.

Strangely enough, Travis was having trouble tracking down a copy of his own album, and asked fans to send photos of their purchases, which led to some photos of the packaging, which included a fold-out poster and some "Thank You" notes written by Travis.

Travis thanks God first and foremost, before mentioning Blake, his engineer, Sickamore ("for devoting your life to this shit"), and sending love to "Mom, Dad, Jordan, Josh and Marcus."

Eventually, he did track down both a CD and vinyl copy of the album, making sure to thank Nick Knight, the artist behind the cover.

You can stream Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight here. Will you be picking up a physical copy this weekend?