While many have taken to pitting TDE and Dreamville against each other in the name of friendly competition, their alliance should be protected at all costs. As the long cited J. Cole & Kendrick Lamar album has become somewhat of a hip-hop myth, perhaps the onus will fall upon a pair of unlikely heroes to carry the torch. Rumblings of some J.I.D and Reason music have already begun circulating, especially after they spent some time as touring partners. Now, Reason has hit the Beats 1 studios to talk shop, where he opened up about his time at the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 studio sessions.  

Speaking with Travis Mills, Reason reflects on his time putting in work for the Dreamville cause. "I'm on the album," reveals Reason, alluding to the anticipated collaboration. "It was the most inspirational experience I had as an artist. You just had eighty, ninety, a hundred artists, producers, writers in one session with no politics. It was the first time in music I've been involved with something with no politics. You got people with four million followers working with people with five thousand followers. It's all about the best product. Being around something like that was super inspirational. I was like, in my bag. They were joking about me and Johnny Venus from EarthGang, calling us "Mr. Got A Verse." Everything people put on, we had a verse for."

He proceeds to hold it down for his squad, furthering the healthy competition narrative in the process. "I had a chip on my shoulder," he teases. "They here with all these Dreamville dudes, we all know it's Dreamville vs. TDE. I gotta show up and make my mark. That's what I did." 

He also speaks about his upcoming TDE project, which will include a few notable collaborations with his own camp. "I got a record with Soul and Boogie that I can't wait to put out," he reveals. "Even when I met with Dot, the first three minutes of the session I was nervous, cause it's Dot. But they're so genuine after three minutes it's like you're talking with your homie. They're not in there with a bunch of chains and Gucci and females running, it's like we making music, we're artists, we're vibing. It's a chill situation."