These are exciting times indeed - for Red Dead Online players in particular. Rockstar Games just added a bunch of really neat features to the existing model. The most prominent addition is a new Battle Royale option they have labeled "Gun Rush" mode. It's quite simple: 31 players (or cowboys) spawn in an ever-shrinking region of the mode.

As is the custom with Battle Royale gameplay, players are expected to kill each other off; once they are eliminated from the field, they must wait "out of bounds" until the session is complete. But that's not all, "Gun Rush" mode will be presented in two variations: team mode where kill counts are tacked onto a leaderboard, and the free-for-all variation most commonly associated with this type of gameplay.

Besides the added function of "Gun Rush" mode, Red Dead Online players will now be tasked with Daily Challenges that count against their ELO rating. Also on the table are Law and Bounty Upgrades for those who within the rules of engagement, akin to an honor system. Game developers have also made changes to the Parley system. It will now be much easier to activate Posse Feuds and Leader Feuds in more structured types of competition. Lastly, Proximity-Based Player Blips have been instituted to decrease your visibility on the map, in an effort to increase the level of difficulty in online game modes.