Rockstar Games is sitting pretty right now. The video game developer doesn't need to drop a new video game every year like many of their peers. Instead, Rockstar pops up every few years with a game that empties everyone's wallets. Their most recent game, Red Dead Redemption 2, was a sequel that took 8 years to arrive. As reported by VarietyRed Dead Redemption 2 had a massive opening weekend, earning $725 million in worldwide retail sales.

The gargantuan opening gives Red Dead Redemption 2 the biggest opening weekend in the history of all entertainment. Rockstars' other monster seller, Grand Theft Auto V, made more money in its first three days, but it was released on a Tuesday. GTAV brought in $1 billion in those three days, but Red Dead was able to grab the weekend record since it dropped on a Friday. In comparison, Avengers: Infinity War earned $640 million worldwide during its opening weekend earlier this year. 

Red Dead 2 also set records for highest pre-orders, highest day one sales, and highest sales for the first three days in the market on the PlayStation Network. To top it all off, the Western-style title has become the best-reviewed game of all time on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.