Jimmy Butler was one of the biggest players available in free agency and today, it was revealed that he ended up passing up a max contract with the Philadelphia 76ers so that he could be traded to the Miami Heat. This is the first time in Butler's career that he got to decide exactly where he went and NBA fans are already devising some pretty bizarre conspiracy theories.

For instance, a fan on Reddit found some similarities between Butler's destinations and those of Andrew Cunanan who is the serial killer known for murdering designer Gianni Versace. 

"Am I weird for noticing that Butler is just going to the places where the dude who killed Versace committed his murders?," one Redditor asked. "From watching the American Crime Story show, he killed two people in Minnesota, one in Chicago, one near Philly and then Versace in Miami, just a weird coincidence I guess."

This is clearly a coincidence as these murders were committed in 1997 but considering fans are still waiting on Kawhi Leonard news, it's no surprise that they would resort to this kind of speculation. It's also important to note that the murder in Philadelphia actually happened one hour outside of the city, and the killings didn't happen in the same order as Butler's career travels.

Needless to say, some fans are getting really bored.