Hip hop's evolution has kept the genre relevant and refreshing. Over the past several years, there's been a wide debate on old school versus new school because of the new artists that have emerges. While there seems to be a lot of artists that seem to dismiss the early ages of the genre, we still have a few artists who look at what was done in the past as a template for now. One of those people who still focuses on their bars in Young M.A. She recently sat down with Redman who tested her knowledge of 90's rap.

Redman is an obvious staple when it comes to 90's hip hop. The rapper recently tested Young M.A's knowledge of the era on a segment with Genius. The Brooklyn spitter answered ten questions pertaining to some of the biggest artists of the 90's. For the most part, Young M.A. nailed the quiz and answered 8/10 correctly.

Redman applauded her performance. Not only for her knowledge but her willingness to learn.

"First thing, I'd like to commend Young M.A just for being a talented artist because one day, she'll have to be in my seat and questioning the youth on her records and her era." He said, "She came in with the attitude to win but also to gain knowledge of what she didn't know. I definitely love her for that."

Young M.A. said that she was expecting to answer questions that she wouldn't know the answer to. You could watch the full clip below.