Weed has played a large role in Redman's career. From creating stoner anthems to starring alongside Method Man in How High, the rapper's become one of hip-hop's OG smokers. Most stoners could agree that they've lost a bag of weed or two over their lives and found them later on in life. Sometimes it might be a few weeks or a few months, a few years at worse. However, Redman's mother found weed that's over twenty years old and the rapper took to social media to show-off the historic buds.

Scott Gries/NBA/Getty Images

In a video surfacing on social media, Redman's mother reveals that she found 20-year-old bags of weed in her house. "My mom just found this bud. This bud gotta be atleast 20 years old," he said. His mother insists that he doesn't use her name in the video. "I said mom. They don't know who mom is," he reminds her before teasing her for saying she's going to sell the old bags of weed on eBay.

“This one right here, you know what that bag is right there,” he says. “This bag has history. This is Biggie Smalls. This the Lox. This is Cam’ron. This is Lil Cease. This is Noreaga. Official 20 years old and the bud is still in it. And if you don't know what that bag is, it's from one of the East coasts riders of marijuana. Branson, baby. That's an official Branson bag.”