Redman Brings His "80 Barz" To Life In New High-Energy Music Video

Joshua Robinson
April 21, 2021 16:30

Redman gives "80 Barz" a lively visual treatment.

4/20 remains one of Hip-Hop's favorite holidays, and in honor of the marijuana-themed celebration, there was a slew of stoner-friendly festivities taking place yesterday. One of the biggest 4/20 events this year was Verzuz's latest superstar matchup, which featured WuTang Clan-affiliated artists Method Man and Redman. In honor of the forthcoming 20-year anniversary of their stoner comedy How High, the two veteran Hip-Hop acts hit the Verzuz stage to perform some of their biggest hits to date.

The virtual concert experience brought both enthusiastic performances from the two artists as well as a welcomed dose of good energy, as they ran through songs such as "How High" and "Diz Iz 4 All My Smokers." After the Verzuz match ended, Redman kept everyone's high going by dropping off the official music video to his newest single "80 Barz."

Although minimal, the "80 Barz" visuals pack a major punch, as Redman energetically riddles off bar after bar while rapping straight into the camera with little to no bells or whistles. The set design flashes between an abandoned classroom, a wall with exposed red brick, and a room of out-of-service televisions, but it's clear that the true focus of the music video is to highlighting Redman's lyrics.

Redman's dynamic performances in the "80 Barz" music video and his Verzuz matchup against Method Man prove that the veteran rapper still has a lot in the tank, even at 51 years old. Head back to the top to check out Redman's visuals for "80 Barz" and let us know what you think about it in the comments.

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