Palace is one of the most popular skating brands in the world and has been making a name for itself in the broader world of streetwear. If you're into brands like Supreme, Dime, and Stussy, you're most likely a fan of Palace as well. The brand has collaborated with sneaker brands like Adidas over the years and now, they are linking up with none other than Reebok for an all-new sneaker that fans are understandably excited about.

This past week, Palace took to their Instagram account with a teaser that includes their iconic triferg logo with a bit of twist. As the logo spins around, you can see little bumps which according to Hypebeast, indicated that this shoe might feature Reebok's Ripple sole technology.

The Instagram post above indicates that this shoe is actually going to be made specifically for the winter which is good news for Palace and Reebok fans who need something that can cut through the snow. Whenever these two entities link up, the results are pretty great so we look forward to seeing what they're able to cook up.

Stay tuned for more details as we will be sure to bring you images and a release date in the near future.