We already know that Reginae Carter is a big fan of Nicki Minaj, the rapper has been making music with Reginae's dad (Lil Wayne) for some time so she basically grew up on her discography. Nicki even performed at a number of Reginae's birthday parties in the past. In a series of new videos, we see that Reginae's music taste is now rubbing off on her litter sister Reign as we see the duo bumping to Nicki's new track "Barbie Tingz." The video was posted to Reign's own Instagram account with the caption, "My big sis let me hear @nickiminaj new song #barbietingz .... I like it!"

Reginae doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that Cardi B made Nicki cry, because she's even seen listening to Cardi's new album, more specifically the track "Best Life" featuring Chance The Rapper. Lil Reign doesn't bust out a smile like she did for Nicki's track so we know where her loyalty lies. 

When baby Reign was first born and a photo was posted to the 'Gram, there were a few haters who commented saying she was "ugly." Reginae then posted a video going off saying, "people so ratchet and tacky on Instagram."

"You can call me anything, but about Reign — that is a baby," she said. "She can't even say, 'Shut up.' That's what she needs to tell y'all, but she can't even say that. So, therefore, don't speak about her. You say she's cute and that's all. That's it."