Reginae Carter has recently announced that she would be taking some time away from her boyfriend YFN Lucci to focus on her own career. Her separation from the rapper did not last that long as they have been celebrating together during this holiday season. Carter shared a glimpse into their renewed connection via social media, a photo her following received with mixed feelings.

The picture shows Lucci kissing her on the cheek as she sits pretty and smiles. Reginae captioned her post with affection: “He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man “

Of course, her fans are truly invested in her personal life and commented with opinions ranging from joy and appreciation to discouragement and outright insults. Reginae had already received a lot of flack from her mom who disapproved of her relationship with Lucci due to his being substantially older than her daughter. Their romance continued despite protests from her family's matriarch so the criticism being thrown at the young reality television star probably won't deter her from following her heart in the New Year. After all, a "break" usually does entail a reconciliation. Haters might as well act like they know.