She's grown up in the limelight, and as the daughter of a rapper that's argued to be one of the greatest of all time, Reginae Carter has seen her fair share of rising artists who do whatever it takes to make a name for themselves. The 21-year-old daughter of Lil Wayne and Toya Wright has spent almost her entire life enjoying the fruits of her father's labor, and as an adult, she's making her own way with a television show and clothing company. Because of her familial background, Reginae has shared she often has to discern people's intentions, and she had a few words for those who are taking advantage of others for their own gain.

Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne, Clout, Users
Jerritt Clark / Stringer / Getty Images

"These new people in the industry just hang with anybody to get on !! I can’t do the industry friends ... Day one me please 🙄tf," she tweeted. "Also a lot of you mfs are users ... Sometimes a mf won’t even like you and be sitting under you just because you got a #1 song out or you poppin right now . Ion like dat. Lol or they’ll just hang with u cause your dad the goat lol ion like dat."

She didn't drop any names as to who she may be speaking about, but it could have just been a general PSA. Check out the tweets below.