Reginae Carter made a big deal about never dating another rapper following her split from YFN Lucci and, in recent weeks, she's been showing her followers that she may not actually be practicing what she preaches.

Obviously, she's the commander of her own life and she'll do whatever she wants to, as she should, but many of her fans are getting at her for seemingly getting back together with the Atlanta rapper, being spotted on a vacation with him

As the comments continue to roll in, criticizing her for going back to Lucc after that entire Cucumber Party ordeal, Reginae wants everyone to know that she genuinely does not care what people think of her. She updated her Instagram Stories with a few quick messages.

"First off i wanna apologize to not a single one of you mfs because this my world u just living in it! Go to hell," she wrote in a new update. "I've given up caring about how people perceive me. Being yourself is a revolutionary act in itself, embrace that."

The timing of her message seems to coincide perfectly with all the chatter surrounding YFN Lucci, and the backlash she's been getting about hanging out with him. The nature of their current relationship is unknown. They may simply be friends again, for all we know. But, what's for certain, people are a little upset by her actions.

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