If you've been on any social media app today, you may have seen that Lil Baby became a trending topic after adult film star Ms. London came forward to say that she had an encounter with the rapper. According to Ms. London, she was paid to sleep with Lil Baby, and since airing out her alleged bedroom meet-up, the porn star and Baby's girlfriend Jayda Cheaves have been trading tweets online. Fans and nosy social media users tried to up the ante to start more drama by jumping in Reginae's mentions to let her know that her boyfriend, YFN Lucci, was just as bad.

Reginae Carter, Ms. London, Lil BAby, Jayda Cheaves, YFN Lucci
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

"Reverse psychology is a sickness in my opinion cause b*tch u wrong," Reginae tweeted. Someone responded to the message, telling Reginae, "I know yeen talking about this situation!!!" seemingly alluding to the Ms. London fiasco. "What situation?" Reginae asked. "When I tweet it's about me myself and mf I !!! I ain't speaking on nothing I have no clue about .  Remeber this."

Another person told Lil Wayne's daughter that "yo N*gga a dawg too sit this one out." Reginae didn't take that lying down. "Wtf are u even talking about ? And yo n*gga broke ..  so what's the argument?" Check out the clapbacks below.