The most attractive quality that anybody can have is confidence. If you realize your own self-worth and walk around like you're the shit, chances are you will attract other people with the same mindset. 

Reginae Carter definitely loves herself, even despite all the people that try to bring her down on the daily. Being a celebrity's child, Reginae grew up in the spotlight and has adapted perfectly into her own role as an entertainer. She faces scrutiny every day of her life but she counter-balances it with lots of self-love. She said as much during a dope monologue with friends on Instagram Live.

"Can't nobody tell me I'm not a baddie, like... Can't nobody bro! Nobody! This is me. Natural. Pretty. Lovely," said Reginae, big-upping herself. Apparently, Zonnique was in the background "loving the confidence." 

She went on for about a minute, showing out for her girls and giving them all a pep talk. Apparently, her self-love rant was all fueled by some alcohol, as she later revealed.

"I cannot," commented Nae after Hollywood Unlocked reposted the video. "It’s the liquor talking for me but nah all facts tho."

Whoever has been trying to convince Reginae Carter that's she's not a baddie doesn't know what they're talking about.