It looks like Reginae Carter really is living her best life. She recently uploaded some videos to her Instagram Stories getting down to "Seven Million" by Lil' Uzi Vert Featuring Future, on her way to see her boyfriend, Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci. She’s got the tongue out, too. So, you know she was feeling herself at that moment.

At this point, she really is southern hip-hop royalty, (C’mon, her mom is Toya Wright and her dad is none other than, Lil’ Wayne), so that’s all the more reason to be smiling. But she’s been known to have a bit of a bratty attitude, and it went overdrive when she’d get into loads of confrontations on her Instagram channel, and on TV, but things have calmed down, and she’s way better for it. From what we can see, it's a good look. 

Ms Carter, 19, was born into a life of luxury – literally – but she 's proving, real happiness comes from within. Based on the recent wave of good vibes, she's been on a steady path to self-improvement. She recently flaunted her new toned physique and she’s been open about her new-found romance with YFN Lucci, who’s 8 years her senior. According to Celebrity Insider, many people have taken to posting their concerns on her Instagram page, but she’s brushed it off, as, well, she is legal. Quite frankly, if her rapper boo is keeping her this happy, as long they’re being responsible when necessary (ahem, wrap it up, kids), then there’s not really anything to complain about. At least not yet.