Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci have had their fair share of ups and downs, all highly publicized, during their short relationship thus far. While the two have also been on-again off-again, and even Reginae has admitted that they have a certain toxicity, they are currently switched "on." As such, Reginae has been supportive of her man while he's been arrested for murder.

The other week, Reginae provided an update on YFN's wellbeing, sharing with her followers: "Ray wants you all to know he's in good spirits and doing well. Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes ... He'll be home soon." The rapper had been arrested in the death of 28-year old James Adams, who was thought to be a member of YFN Lucci's crew, and was caught in gunfire with a warring crew. YFN Lucci was reportedly driving the vehicle at the time, when his passengers pushed Adams out of the car and left him to die with a bullet wound to his head.

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YFN Lucci eventually turned himself in, and was later denied bond. During his hearing, the judge stated, 

"His role, specifically in the conduct that gave rise to the aggravated assault, and then subsequently the felony murder, which will include him allowing the occupants of his vehicle, him being the driver of the subject vehicle, to actually get out of the vehicle, fire multiple rounds, and then drive off with those occupants. Based on what the court has before it in the affidavits for all the warrants, there's more than enough to continue on and to find probable cause of this juncture."

Nonetheless, the rapper is still trying to receive bond, filing documents in court which ask for a reasonable bond to be granted, in order to be able to provide for his mother and his four children.

While we await updates on YFN Lucci's situation, Reginae Carter has taken to her Instagram Stories to share her thoughts on her locked up boyfriend with a choice image.

Reginae shared an image of the two hugging on a balcony, adding a GIF checklist that reads: "i like you, i love you, i miss you," each box getting checked off in completion.

Meanwhile, YFN Lucci has quickly set up shop on his website to monetize the Free Lucci movement, where you can purchase t-shirts supporting the rapper.

We'll keep you updated on any news surrounding his case.

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