Reginae Carter is seemingly going through something. We can't tell whether it's good or bad, but we do know that she's seen the light since she's finally realized that she's been wasting her time on something and doesn't want to do it ever again. Lil Wayne's daughter took to Instagram to share uploads to her story of some early morning realizations. 

"At 5 am on Dec 5, I'm just now realizing... I've been wasting my mf time," she wrote. "Lord please never let me settle with anything. My goals, my dreams, my spouse, my life in general. Push me to my full potential please." 

Reginae recently celebrated her 20th birthday and looked to have a blast while doing it. We haven't seen any lovey photos with her boo YFN Lucci in a minute so maybe her realizations surround the rapper and their relationship. "My mom is not a big fan of me dating Lucci but I bet all my family was telling her not to date that little dreadhead, braids wearing rapper," Reginae said on T.I. and Tiny’s Family Hustle. "Whatever my dad had at that moment."

We hope you doing good, Reginae.