Paid In Full is considered by many to be one of the most criminally underrated films from the 2000's decade. A classic that has been called the African-American answer to The Godfather, the iconic motion picture debuted on this day (October 25th) back in 2002. Starring Wood Harris as Ace, a young man who goes from working a dead-end job to taking the reigns as the top drug dealer on the streets of Harlem, the movie gives audiences a well-written, emotionally compelling "rise and fall" drama that features some intense performances from Harris, Mekhi Phifer as his flashy dealer pal Mitch, and rapper Cam'Ron as the enforcer Rico. Of course, backstabbing employees and ruthless competition threaten to push Ace down a few pegs, but it's more than just his gradual demise that is at the heart of Paid In Full.

There's a real respect for the hustle and the entrepreneurial drive that it takes to climb to the top of any industry, and many hip-hop artists find inspiration in the tenacity and lessons about betrayal that a film like this one has at its core. Not unlike Scarface, there's just as much excitement in observing the fall of a drug empire as there is witnessing its path to power and dominance over weaker individuals. There's a real sense of of comeuppance in Paid In Full, but what makes it special is that you care about the characters and get invested in their story along the way. We've compiled five of the movie's best-known moments below, in no particular order. Join us in reliving this cinematic classic 15 years later.

"I Love The Game. I Love To Hustle, Man"

"$5,000 Says You Can't Make That Again"

"F**k, Is You Deaf Man?"

"You're Just Boring, That's All"

"What Kind Of A Name Is That?"