The New York crown is still up for grabs as Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj's feud has turned into a cold war. As a celebrity contestant on the latest episode of VH1's Hip Hop Squares, the "shETHER" rapper threw shade at her New York counterpart. Keep in mind the episode was shot months ago, way before the war of words blew up.

Asked to finish the bar "Put his butt to sleep" from Nicki's hit "Anaconda," Remy said the Queens rapper's lyrics were predictable.

"You know what I'm kinda thinking that she was would have said something about her butt," she said. "'Cause that's always [what she says] every other two bars."

When the other celebrities laughed and accused Remy of being petty, the Bronx diva said, "I'm actually a big Nicki Minaj fan and I know all her lyrics. And her next line is 'Now I'm eating some tacos.'" On the hot seat, French Montana agreed. However, French chose wrong because the next line is, "Now he's calling me NyQuil."