Jesse Williams is a somewhat newly single man, as such, he wants to purchase a house. Ironically enough, he needs his estranged wife's permission to close the deal. Though we like to think that marriage is all about love, situations like these pop up to remind us of some of the less appealing consequences of the commitment. It is reported that Williams, who is most famous for his role on Grey's Anatomy, “intends to purchase a new residence located in Los Angeles” while ensuring the ownership as his alone. While he and Aryn Drake-Lee are still technically married and share mutual financial accounts, the independent purchase of his new bachelor pad entails additional steps. A quitclaim deed is required to confirm the sole ownership for the actor. The document states a “residence stipulation” has been agreed upon by both parties, allowing Williams to move forward in his real estate investment.

The former couple has been working through long divorce proceedings and have yet to reach a final settlement. While waiting for the divorce to finalize, Jesse Williams in enjoying his singledom. Last time he was spotted doing so, he was hitting the strip club with his new rumored girlfriend, Taylor Rooks.