When Resident Evil 2 dropped in 1998, gamers were stunned. The story of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield's survival in Racoon City became legendary, and almost every spin-off after Resident Evil 2 can trace its roots back to the horrifying survival game. I remember being eight years old and not being able to sleep for weeks after playing this game. Thinking back, Resident Evil 2 may be the reason I abandoned the PlayStation because the game scared me so much I switch consoles. That is the type of terror that Capcom is bringing back to the forefront for their remake of Resident Evil 2. 

Announced at E3 this past week, Resident Evil 2 is more than just an updated game. Capcom is tweaking every aspect of the game, including the story. Before traditional Resident Evil fans get too upset about their classic being toyed with, they should rest assured that Yoshiaki Hirabayashi will only deliver a game of epic proportions. Hirabayashi has worked on a number of Resident Evil games, and is just as connected to the classic as the fans. 

Comparing the graphics of the original to the remake will make you wonder what was so scary about the original. Did zombies that look like box figures really frighten an entire generation? None the less, the revamped graphics look gorgeous, and we can't wait to get our hands on this game when it drops on January 25, 2019. Check out the graphic comparison and new trailer for Resident Evil 2 below.