New Jersey rapper RetcH, AKA Retchy P, has always had a dark tone to his music, and he hasn’t distanced himself from the streets he came up in despite high-profile co-signs and a few successful releases. Unfortunately, his activity on the block caught up to him earlier this year when he was arrested for armed robbery of a North Bergen, New Jersey, home in February.

RetcH, real name Brian Onfroy Jr., appeared in court earlier this week on charges of entering a residence while armed, armed robbery, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, and using a minor to conspire or execute an armed residential robbery. All those charges have amounted to a cash-only $150,000 bail. The crimes carry a hefty potential sentence of 10 to 20 years in prison. All of this reportedly for robbing CDs, which doesn’t seem like a particularly lucrative thing to steal.

RetcH’s case isn’t being helped by his past. He has 12 previous arrests on his record in New Jersey alone, and also carries arrests in California, Texas and South Carolina. No doubt that factored into the judge’s decision to set such a high cash only bail, which prevents RetcH from using a bond to get out on bail. He asked the judge for a bond in court, but was denied.

RetcH’s crew has been busy trying to gather enough cash to bail RetcH out, but it has caused their other business endeavors to be placed on the back burner, such as his FASTMONEY clothing line. Paterson, NJ is also home to Fetty Wap, among other rappers.