After one season, Netflix has put an end to Rev. Run's All About The Washingtons series. The show marked the first time that the Rev and his wife Justine Simmons were onscreen in a scripted capacity following a successful run with reality television shows in the past, notably on the Run's House series.

Evidently,  the chemistry displayed by the couple IRL couldn't quite get the job done in a scripted setting and the show was met with poor reviews following its August 10th debut with a 40 percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The script was first brought to ABC Studios and Amblin Television in October of 2016. After a winding road, the show would eventually be filmed on the same soundstage as black-ish once the series wrapped for the season. While the actual ABC network passed on Washingtons, Netflix picked it up in what was a clear miss for the streamer.

This marks yet another instance of Netflix trimming the fat on an ABC Studios series after the streaming service announced the cancellation of its two Marvel series, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

All About The Washingtons now joins a considerably short list of "one-and-done" scripted shows on Netlfix, following in the footsteps of The Get Down, Gypsy, Girlboss, and Everything Sucks.