Just one day after the King of Pop's would-be 60th birthday, his former friend Frank Cascio has exclusively revealed his plans to make an intimate film based on their relationship and the real-person MJ was, Page Six reports. The film will be making it's way to small screen and will be based on Frank's 2011 novel “My Friend Michael: An Ordinary Friendship With an Extraordinary Man."

Frank is said to be seeking a director to take on the project and has pitched his movie to Roc Nation's new TV division, with no final green light. "The series will focus on the 25-year relationship between Cascio and Jackson, and is expected to go into production this fall," a source told the publication. Frank and Michael met at the tender age of five-years-old and he previously told Good Morning America that MJ would look to him for a normal life when he would visit his family's New Jersey home. 

“He would even help my mom vacuum the rug,” Frank said. “He would, like, help clean up the house. And he was just a real human being.”