Chicago rapper and philanthropist Rhymefest posted a video to Twitter today documenting his experience at his local police station, where he attempted to report a robbery in which he was held at gunpoint Sunday morning. The video shows the rapper experiencing difficulty in his attempt to file a report, not receiving the proper cooperation from the cops, as he says in the clip, "I don't feel comfortable because I feel like I'm being treated ... when the camera goes off, you all start telling me to get out, I can't make a report."

"You wonder we don't report crimes? The police treated me disgustingly," he captioned the video on Twitter.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the robbery that Rhymefest was trying to report occurred in the rapper's parked car, near the 4300 block of South Cottage Grove Avenue shortly after 7:30 AM. A gun was pointed at the rapper's head by an unidentified man, who asked that a wallet be handed over. When the wallet -- which contained 3 dollars cash -- exchanged hands, the man ran away from the car.

In response to the video, Police Communications Director Anthony Guglielmi offered an apology to Rhymefest on Twitter, writing, "disappointing to say the least. On behalf of CPD, I apologize for how you were treated. We will be addressing this today."

Rhymefest also called for the robber to contact him on social media. As of publication, there are no suspects in the robbery.