Rich Brian is still reeling in the success of his debut album Amen, which helped him make history as the first Asian artist to hit number one on the hip-hop charts. Now, the young Indonesian is hitting the press run, which includes an appearance on "Hot Ones", where he eats spicy wings and chops it up with host Sean Evans.

For those familiar with Rich Brian, you're probably well aware of his soft-spoken and jovial personality, which is on full display as he bonds with  Sean. In one particularly hilarious moment, Chigga explains the context behind one of his more interesting tweets - "The Geico Lizard could get it." "There's just something about lizards man," explains Brain. "I was super into dinosaurs, I drew dinosaurs a lot when I was a kid, until at one point my parents said it was satanic and made me throw away all my drawings...Geico combined the cooless of the lizard with an accent...I feel like the accent made it hot." 

"I really wanna be in Stranger Things, dude," says a sweating Brian, as the Scovilles course through him. "I'm like a little older than some of them, but my goal is to be that one friend--personality can be anything, could be goofy, could be an asshole." He also goes on to detail his own movie premise, which focuses on "a guy that just deals Truffles." From the sound of it, it seems kinda lit. "Where there's gangsters, and shootouts happening, and people getting killed over Truffles." But there is one caveat to the making of this movie - no hot wings are allowed to appear.