Yesterday (Sept. 25), reports surfaced that Rich Homie Quan was being investigated by Child Services because of a video that shows him smoking a blunt while his son, Royal, sits on his lap. The video was apparently shared on Quan's own snapchat. Quan has now responded to backlash over the video and issued an apology via Instagram. 

He directs the apology to his son, his fans, and "parents around the world." Apparently Quan had began smoking the blunt before Royal came and jumped on his lap. "I regret that I chose to continue to smoke once Royal jumped in my lap," writes Quan. 

As Quan named a recent mixtape after his son, If You Ever Think I Will Stop Goin' In Ask Royal Rich, he seems like a pretty loving father. He ends his post by writing that he is human, like everyone else, and asks that outsiders don't judge him simply because of the "pedestal" that his rap career has placed him upon. 

Seems like a heartfelt apology, and we're sure Child Services has bigger issues to deal with.