Rich Homie Quan is an established rapper who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business, be it as a writer or as a feature on one of their tracks. However, living with that kind of notoriety comes with a lack or privacy and a public that is willing and, thanks to the Internet, able to track your every move and, sometimes, your every mistake. Quan opened up about an experience that he regrets with DJ Vlad in a new video interview: smoking a blunt in the presence of his kid. 

Though he apologized at the time, Rich Homie Quan was later investigated by Child Protective Services for lighting up a joint in front of his young one. It turns out that he definitely still feels some remorse about his actions from back then. "I just wanna let people know man…that’s not the image I want people to see me as," said Quan, referring to the video footage of his smoking incident that he doesn't believe represents him in a well-rounded, unbiased way. "That was just one of them moments, you know what I’m saying?. I just want people to realize I’m still human, you know what I’m saying? And a lot of things are just mental mistakes [...] I didn’t ask to be put on this pedestal that society put me on. So if I make mistakes, just please forgive me and just realize it wasn’t intentional, I wasn’t doing it to hurt anybody."

Whatever his reasoning is for why he did what he did at the time, Rich Homie Quan says he's learned from the experience. "[...] Moral to the story, I learned from that. I don’t smoke around my kids anymore. You know what I’m saying? I don’t think nobody should do that. But you know, growing up man, where I growed up at, that was normal." Everyone makes mistakes, that's for sure, but the strongest people in this world learn from those errors and become stronger because of it. It looks like Quan is well on his way to doing just that.

You can check out check out the brand-new music video for his track "Gamble" here and watch the full conversation with DJ Vlad below.