Recently Rich Homie Quan spoke to rumors regarding Young Thug's sexuality. With Thugga's penchant for painting his nails and calling fellow rappers his "lovers" on Instagram, he has done little to quell rumors that he is gay, but nonetheless these rumors were denied by BFF Rich Homie. 

However these same rumors plague Rich Homie Quan. During a brief sitdown with Vlad TV, Homie assured us that he is not gay, and he will indeed fuck your bitch (and then send you the video footage).

After first explaining a little scuffle that went down at an Adrien Broner boxing match, Rich Homie Quan said that just because he chooses to wear tight pants does not mean he's gay, although he's seen all the comments claiming such.

"I ain't never been no fuck-nigga. Go head on with that bullshit. I'm from Atlanta. I'm from the slum bro. I come from that. And I stand for everything I got 'cause I ain't falling for anything. Don't think he gon' sneak me, it's not over with. I fought with Cincinnati a long way. No disrespect to Cincinnati, I offered to swing on a nigga in a crowd 'cause he called me gay," Rich Homie Quan told Vlad TV. "I ain't with none of that gay shit bro. Just 'cause I wear tight pants don't mean I'm gay, bro. I will fuck your ho and then beat your ass and send a video of me fucking your ho, bro. Don't try me like that, bro. Nah, for real Vlad. I see every comment that come to me bro. That shit be funny to me. I'm here with you, I'm giving it to you how it is, bro. These niggas know I ain't gay. These niggas know I'm fucking they ho...Ain't nothing changed but my address, bro 'cause they put me out my old spot."

Watch the video below.