Rich Paul is one of the most well-known agents in all of sports media and as it stands, Klutch Sports is the most relevant sports agency in the NBA world. For years, there have been rumors and reports that LeBron James actually owns a portion of the business and that Paul is helping to bring free agents to Los Angeles, as a result.

In a recent piece done by the New Yorker, Rich Paul puts these rumors on blast as he is simply tired of hearing about how LeBron may or may not be helping him. In fact, Paul believes some people just want to diminish his success.

“So why is it that LeBron has to own Rich Paul’s business?” Paul asked. “Let me tell you what that’s about. That’s all putting things in the atmosphere to discourage, right? That’s all they want to do.”

RIch Paul

Dominique Oliveto/Getty Images for Klutch Sports Group 2019 All Star Weekend

One of Paul's advisors, Adam Mendelsohn, commented on the rumor noting that it's very clearly stated in the league rules that LeBron couldn't have ownership in Klutch, even if he he wanted it. "LeBron does not and cannot have any ownership in Klutch. He refers to Klutch as 'us' because Klutch is his family. It's a dumb rumor, and while it doesn’t bother Rich I don’t think anyone paying attention is confused about why his detractors say it," Mendelsohn said.

Needless to say, Paul is self-made and he wants to make sure everyone knows it. Everyone loves to give LeBron credit, although it's important to acknowledge that Paul has built a massive business over the years and he is certainly one of the league's most influential people.

Rich Paul

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