For a minute, we seemed destined to see the Rich Forever team fully disband. Fortunately, it appears as though at least two of the members are sticking together for the time being. There was some drama going on within the Rich Forever camp as Dexter and RTK went back and forth for a little bit, curiously keeping fans wondering what exactly happened between the two. After Dexter's album dropped this year, the two seemed inseparable but shortly after, the "Japan" artist was posting that RTK hasn't ever done anything to help him. It appears that whatever got in the way of their working relationship has been fixed and new wristwear has bandaged up the scars of battle.

Rich and Dex both went to Instagram to show off the new piece, which RTK gifted to his friend earlier in the day. Rich detailed the pride he carries for how far Dexter has come in his career, writing, "Proud of u bro keep going up." Perhaps the previous messages were all just a ruse to get people talking about their Rich Forever 4 project. Jay Critch was notably not lucky enough to receive a new gift from Rich. 

Hopefully, this can help the two put their drama to the side and focus on making good music.