From the beginning of Jay Critch's career, Rich The Kid gotten credit as the first artist to give him a chance and give him a platform. However, their musical stylings didn't always match. Where RTK was making designer raps, Jay Critch was making music for the streets. Handled better, the Brooklyn rapper likely would be in a different position today, which is something that he aired out this week.

Finally distancing himself from Rich The Kid and Rich Forever, Jay Critch initially said, "Some of these rap n***as is just like the lawyers at the label. Don't trust them. If y'all want new music, go tell them FREE CRITCH." He continued that statement by calling out Rich The Kid, saying, "Stop lettin' these n***as cap about owning masters n sh*t they trying hold n***as in bum ass deals."

The drama has continued through a series of back-and-forth comments via Instagram Stories from both Critch and Rich.

Screenshot via Rich The Kid's Instagram Stories

"Wasn't even gonna speak on this because the internet is not the place but I see people trying to deformate [sic] my character," started Rich The Kid. "I signed Jay when I had a two bed room apartment I flew him out when I had 5k to my name and signed him (Off the strength of Gramz who you didn't do right w either) I gave a platform and made him who he is today.. now this week I got him a new deal to get out of his bullsh*t (which your lawyer ain't take no part in) then he tried to snake me go behind my back for a little bag. You say you want out of a contract that you signed and I haven't made 0 dollars off of you stop making it seem like you can jus say oh I'm not in a contract no more .. I put you on tour with future your first year of being signed you .. I put you on with two features DID IT AGAIN & FASHION.. I put YOU ON & you have NO loyalty."

He went on to say that, if Jay needed any money, he could have just asked him.

Screenshot via Rich The Kid's Instagram Stories

"Your own N***AS will try to snake you for 100k," wrote Rich. "If you needed it you could just ask me!!! DAMN."

Of course, "Hood Favorite" Jay Critch wasn't about to let all of this slide. He pulled through with a since-deleted message as well.

Screenshot via Jay Critch's Instagram Stories

"Cross U out? N***a tryna control my deal wit his lawyer," responded Jay. "I'm a grown ass man I can run my own deals silly. U D*CK ridin tryna block sh*t holding on to that paperwork. And u not like that chill.."

It seems as though drama just follows Rich The Kid everywhere he goes. What do you think about the situation between Rich and Jay Critch?