Rich The Kid has not been having the greatest month. Although everybody is talking about his incident with Lil Uzi Vert at Starbucks, Rich is also in the middle of a rocky divorce and custody battle with his wife. While he continues to focus on music and his grooming of Rich Forever teammate Jay Critch's career, RTK is getting clowned left and right it seems. His album The World Is Yours was a surprisingly good project, bound to creep into people's year-end lists. However, public perception of him is a little tainted at the moment after he hit the "plug run" on Uzi. Even taxi drivers seemingly have something against the man.

Uploading the footage on Instagram, Rich had an interesting exchange with a taxi driver today after the cabbie threw an object at the vehicle he was riding in. Throughout the clip, Rich can be heard directing his driver, Boris, to pull up on the taxi so they can exchange words. When they reach the side of the cab, RTK exclaims, "Ay your b-tch ass better quit playing with me man. Yo don't play with me. I'll kill you man!" Rich isn't trying to get locked up so, at the climax of their heated exchange, he told Boris to stand down and let the taxi drive away. It's unclear what prompted the driver to throw something at Rich's car.

The same energy was not brought when Uzi ran up on him earlier this month but maybe Rich has been coaching himself to be more assertive in the heat of the battle. What do you think brought on this altercation?