Rich The Kid lives up to his (rapper) name in his latest Instagram post. He dons a jet black fur cloak, appearing exceptionally regal and somewhat like Batman as he partially shrouds his face behind it. "Check out my million dollar jacketttttttttt," he boasts in the caption. 

He's not the only one with sleek-looking clothing in this photo. He stands next to Post Malone, who rocks a cow-print jacket. Given the look of its texture, it very well might be real. Overall, PETA will not be thrilled about this photo. There's a possibility that protesters storm Rich or Post's future events.

The vibe of Post's jacket is complemented by brown leather boots. You would expect Post Malone to wear a cowboy hat - as he often does - to complete the look, but instead sports a backwards baseball cap. He has always been good at adapting his laid-back lifestyle to the riches that have come with his immense success

On the other hand, Rich The Kid may be feeling himself so hard in these photos because he just got engaged to the love of his life. He proposed to Tori Brixx on Friday and they later hit up the strip club to celebrate.