In what can be considered a relatively harmless move, Rich The Kid has liked one of Brittany Byrd's Instagram photos, who was famously linked to Lil Uzi Vert as he was establishing himself in music. Doesn't seem entirely newsworthy, right? It wouldn't be if RTK and Uzi weren't involved in one of the pettiest beefs in hip-hop today. Uzi and Rich have been sending shots each other's way for a few weeks, all stemming from a tweet that RTK sent, saying that Uzi should have signed to Rich Forever. The bickering progressed as Uzi posted a photo of him with a crab, tagging RTK as the sea creature. Rich clapped back saying that the Luv Is Rage 2 rapper is trying to look like him.

After a few off days without any pettiness between the two, Rich The Kid is back, liking Uzi's ex-girlfriend's photo on social media. Yes, they have been broken up for a while but it is still low, and definitely not something to do if you're trying to reconcile a beef. Could Rich and Brittany possibly be friends and people are looking too far into it? We doubt it, considering her extensive history with his current nemesis.

Brittany was a staple in Uzi's early career, popping up everywhere as the rapper would reference their relationship left and right. While this move by Rich The Kid can certainly be seen as inoffensive, it's difficult to imagine that RTK would be naive to Brittany and Uzi's past relationship. Peep the receipts below and let us know if you think this was meant as a shot towards Uzi.