The excitement for NBA All-Star Weekend has been high but there's also been some issues that occurred at some of the events. Of course, when you draw in a large amount of people, there will likely be some issues that arise. Apparently, one of the NBA All-Star Weekend concerts was interrupted after a man brandished a firearm in the parking lot of the venue.

Rich The Kid's performance at a Hollywood nightclub was cut short after a man was wielding a weapon in the parking lot of the venue, TMZ reports. After police received a call about the incident, several police arrived on the scene trying to find the culprit. In the video shown, the police have their guns drawn while getting people out of their vehicles. 

People inside of the venue left the venue and were in the streets while the police were still in search for the suspect. Unfortunately, they weren't successful in finding the culprit.

The parking lot where the individual pulled out his gun is the same parking lot for ArcLight Theatre. The theatre was screening "Black Panther" but it's not clear whether the movie was also interrupted.

From what it sounds like, no one was harmed during the incident, thankfully. However, it doesn't look like the police will be able to track down the individual responsible.

Watch the clip below.