These days, it seems Rich The Kid is a fan of keeping his fans in mass confusion. A few weeks ago when he experienced what was later revealed as a home invasion, a post was uploaded to his account showing him lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Not much else was offered to fans to decode what was going on. Today, Rich has gone back to similar tactics, sharing yet another cryptic message and his supporters are desperately trying to figure out exactly what's going on.

A few days ago, RTK ranted about how he wants out of his contract with 300 Entertainment. Now, he's gone ahead and completely wiped his Instagram, leaving only one post. The photo reads, "R.i.P. Rich the kid 1992-2018." While it's unlikely that the star has actually died, many believe he is referring to a name change in order to find a way out of his deal. Others seem to believe he is retiring from the game altogether. The current drama between him and his Rich Forever castmates seems to be at a standstill but that may also be a contributing factor as his bio now reads, "Rich Forever CEO." 

From people speculating he's been hacked to others seriously believing he's making a plug walk to heaven, we seriously hope Rich is alright. We'll keep you updated on this story as it develops throughout the day.