Rich the Kid is in a lane of his own and his unicity spread to his particular travel style. Although he doesn't care to be accompanied throughout his journey, the rapper has no problem coming through airport gates while wearing massive pieces of jewelry. Kid shows no signs of being worried about getting robbed of his sparkling chains from the looks of the video below.

The entertainer was spotted alone, waiting with his luggage at LAX Sunday. He was stunting with a $120,000 neck piece and a $78,000 two-tone Cuban link necklace. Rich seemed totally at ease with the situation that involved no form of personal security in tow. He actually seemed to be proud of the fact when he was asked about his lack of bodyguards. He smiled and lifted up one of his thick chains to the camera to drive his point forward: "Do you see me with security right, now?" 

He also claims to carry cash on his person "at all times." Still, he isn't worried about any travel-related restrictions on liquid assets.

Hell nah, they already know how im coming man. Big money shit.

His valor comes after being the victim of a home invasion last summer. Check out his boastful drawl below.